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The Strange Case of the Underpants Monster

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The Miserable Misadventures of a Miniature Mouseketeer

For this trip, I was planning on making a copy of the original WDW Tour Guide uniform, seen fuzzily here with Roy and Lillian Disney in 1971:

But, I couldn't find blue plaid fabric with a small enough print for the skirt, and the knee socks would have been incredibly fiddly - I probably would have ended up having to glue them on to stay up.

So, I think I'll just try to spruce up the old Mouseketeer kit. The sweater's lost some of its shape, the black paint is flaking off the shoes, and the ears on the hat really need to be stiffer - I think some Sculpey is in order. I'd also like to find a head with less hair; it was really a pain to keep it neat last time.

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