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The Strange Case of the Underpants Monster

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The Sicko
Three reports overdue, and I get his with a stomach bug. The good part is, I think I caught it from my boss, who is also out sick today. She thinks she got it from volunteering at the polls on Tuesday.

I've had a bunch of sick days this fall, which doesn't bode well for a I'll probably end up going in next weekend. Which sucks, because there's a ton of stuff to do at home, too. I guess I can do a massive clean-and-pack on Black Friday. The mother and sister seem amenable to Thanksgiving dinner at one of the hotels, which I've wanted to do for a while now. Less work,less mess. I feel bad for the kids working a holiday, but they're probably getting paid extra, and a good tip eases the guilt. It's not like they'd be sent home if I didn't show.